Beach Update – Jumbie Bay

Jumbie Bay St John USVI

Jumbie Bay is a lovely little beach with a short stretch of white sand fringed with sea grapes. If you’re looking for a small, private, intimate beach without having to walk a long trail to get there, then Jumbie is an excellent choice. A walk down a short trail leads you to the beach from the main road. The parking is limited. A small, almost obscure sign on the road indicates the beach. Snorkeling can be enjoyed on calm days  along a shallow reef that extends from both the right and left sides of the beach.

So what is Jumbie like after the hurricanes?  In a word, fabulous.  These photos show how beautiful this spot still is.  Our goal for the day was to visit most of the North Shore beaches, but once we got here we didn’t want to leave. We were even able to find some shade so we didn’t have to use our beach umbrella.  The norm for many beaches these days is to bring along a beach umbrella if you’re looking for shade.

At times we had the beach to ourselves, at other times there were two other couples.  A boat from the National Park Service arrived and dropped off someone to dive and locate vegetative debris.  He would pull it up to the shore and then those of us there would carry it up off the beach.   Those guys are doing a tremendous job of making the beaches great to visit.   After our work was done it was time for a cold one!