Francis Beach Update

Francis Bay is a laid back beach that  really makes you want to stay and chill out at for a while.  The bay is on the north shore and since it faces west it tends to be calmer than other north shore beaches.  This makes it especially good for stand up paddle boarding, and it is another great spot to snorkel with the  turtles.

francis bay st john

Irma has taken away many of the shade trees, so it you want shade you may want to bring an umbrella for the time being.  The beach is still beautiful and also wider, so I would definitely check it out on your next visit. We noticed that many of the branches of the seagrape and maho trees are growing back nicely.   Some people have been creative and have created little sun shelters out of the driftwood.

Here’s a short video to show you that Francis is #stillbeautiful

One thought on “Francis Beach Update

  • 02/15/2018 at 1:42 PM

    Hi Leslie and Peter, from Stu and Nancy;

    The first thing we of course would note is the absence of the myriad of local AND tourist dayboats and cruisers–the way it looked when Stu was first on the island. It is actually much more beautiful without some of the monstrosities (sorry!) in the way, but we know it means an absence of tourists this year and the loss of so many boats. Everyone hang in there, it will slowly return!


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